ComunIQue – A Magazine for Open-minded and Level-headed People

By Iuliana CRISTEA

The goal of this magazine was not of an assertive kind but of a communication one.

An exceptional team of professors and a group of students in The Romanian University of Science and Art “Gheorghe Cristea”, whom are at the beginning of their career, have discovered the taste for writing and understood the importance of the dialogue from their teachers. They have joined their efforts and enthusiasm to create this magazine.

The diversity of themes, opened to every spiritual area, unconfined to any rigid rules, covers any topic, from literature, history, psychology, religion, terrorism or European integration up to jokes. In order to keep the balance of value, there is a special spot appropriated for animadversions and, why not, for considerations which are both acquired. Considerations show that what has been done has been done well and animadversions protect us from the vicious vanity.

Beginning with its first issue, the magazine hosted a number of Romanian and international personalities. Many of its readers have shown their interest for it and had the courage to try.

In a more and more confuse world, under the daily pressure of stress, in a world ruled by versatility, the need for communication is indispensable. The debutants are welcomed and the personalities, who want to share with us their life an professional experience, are treasured. The dialogue between generations and human beings, as well, is natural and without obstacles. With “Comunique” you are among friends, you are home, you can share your convictions and you might find out answers for many questions:

Is this the right way?

Are you yourself or who you should be?

Which are the limits of the conveniences?

What have we accomplished and which are our goals?

Where are we coming from?

Which are the true values?

Where are we going to?

“Comunique” hosts a great number of themes and points of view just to demonstrate the diversity of human beings’ personalities, liberty of expression and also that usually there is more than one solution.

As Mrs. Lidia Cristea – the rector of The Romanian University of Science and Art “Gheorghe Cristea” – said: “Comunique” is alive. It lives through all those who animate it and who read it. It is tender and close to anyone and everyone and the only obligatory limit is the common sense.

Hoping that you will find a friend in “Comunique” we expect for you to join us or just to read it.