Open Letter


Our magazine does not want to state original ideas, but to somehow apply what has already come to be, in the communication domain, and is in no need for further argumentation. The magazine cannot give any solutions, it can only suggest a few questions, some of them can be, of course, without an answer, but Comunique will not ask them to confuse our readers and our writers, it will ask them so that we can make the smallest of contributions to maintaining intellectual lucidity.

Comunique does not want to become an intellectual forum, its goal is to become a virtual disscution between students, teachers and European intellectuals interested in authentic dialog. That dialog that grows with the decline of the numerous prejudices and fanaticisms which impovers and shallows life, producing the isolation of an individual from its own individuality.

Comunique is open and dedicated to communication with the common European ground, with which the lack of communication has kept us apart for more than half of century. Our magazine will not refuse any material and will not take into account savings, regarding paper, ink or new columns if one of your people should feel the urge to publish, to debute, to open a debate on communication issues, public relations, imagology, sign-science, law, art and literature, management, economy, humor etc

The playful letter game in the magazine’s title (ComUnique and ComunIQue) reveals the open spirit and the intelligent and modestful sense of homour which the authors of the magazine posess. Nothing is common and unique when, at the beginning of a journey, people state what they belive in. The distance from stating to distinguishing oneself is inhuman only in years, maybe. And distinguishing oneself brings along with it the power of taking word and media responsibility, especially in a society which naturally tends towards the lifting of quality at a rang of natural element, not sporadical.